A tribute to Nick Bantock

Artists from all over the world are collaborating on a Tribute to Nick Bantock. You know him as the world famous writer of the wonderful mail art series Sabine and Griffin, which was translated in almost every language, and sold millions of books. We all love his whimsical style, and his fascinating mail art.

You are invited to join this tribute by creating a piece of art in his style, but not imitating his work.

Anyone can join and participation is free. No fees and no returns.

You can enter more than one piece of art. Be sure to invite your friends to submit their art too.

The first prize is $300 and a copy of the catalog. The winning entry will be used as the cover image for the catalog.
The second prize is $150 and a copy of the catalog.
The third prize is $50 and a copy of the catalog.

All artwork submitted must be original. This means that it is your own work, and if digital, you have painted it, and added a real stamp, real gold flakes or embossing powder, etc. All entries will be published here on the blog.
The artwork will not be returned.

The rules are as follows:

-Complete an artwork in the style of Nick Bantock in a format any size up to
8.5 inches by 11 inches, the size of a standard large envelope in your country (21cm x 27cm  maximum).
-You can select portrait orientation or landscape.

Mail your artwork before 1 December 2010.


Your artwork can be mixed media, collage, montage, painting, printmaking, and Photography. Collage and/or the use of imagery are encouraged. Digital work is to be enhanced with paint, paper, stamps, or forms of collage. You are advised to use a substantial support material so your mail art can survive International Post Office treatment.

Somewhere in your design, you MUST include:

  • a postage stamp
  • a piece of map
  • a large number
  • a letter
  • a character, being a person or an animal
  • some gold, either flake, paint, glitter.

Anything else in the design is up to you.

You must write in capital letters at the back of your artwork the name you want to appear in the book under your artwork, as well as your town and your country. You can add a title to your work.
Add your email address so we can contact you. Your email will not appear on the
blog or the catalog.
You can wrap your artwork in a regular postal envelope, or send as is, it’s up to you.

Mail your completed artwork post dated up to 1 December 2010 to participate.

A Tribute to Nick Bantock
is closed.

You may want to use a tracking number to confirm delivery if it’s available in
your country. Digital submission do not qualify.

All entries will be included on the blog.
Each entry will receive a number and the artworks will be displayed on the blog
according to the order they are received, except for the 3 winners.

All the entered art will be displayed in the online gallery on the blog for the world to see.

The artwork that wins the first prize book will be gifted to Nick Bantock.

If you have any questions, contact me here: imagine.her@gmail.com

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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3 Responses to A tribute to Nick Bantock

  1. What’s the deadline for submissions?

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