The first entry

And it rocks.It came from Lord Marmalade in Victoria, Canada.

It was perfectly packaged and arrived safely. And yes, all the elements are there:

  • -a stamp
  • a piece of map
  • a number
  • a letter
  • a character
  • some gold, here in the form of flecks

Fantastic job! The title is.. Isadora du Joli Bois. Thank you for your submission.

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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3 Responses to The first entry

  1. fromthepines says:

    oooh, wonderful! This will be so much fun to see all the entries.


  2. Janet Ghio says:

    This looks great! You are off to a good start!

  3. L Hynes says:

    Great work!WOW you are setting the bar high!

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