Sending original art

There have been questions regarding the type of art to submit to the competition, so here is clarification.

To be included in the competition, your art must be an original. A reproduction, a photocopy, a digital scan are NOT original art. If you are making a collage, or a painting, you must mail the original piece for inclusion.

If all that was required was a scan, we could download your entries as they appear on your blogs and Flcker accounts. This is why an original is required. Again, painted photocopies are not acceptable.

What will happen with the final pieces? They will be part of the catalog that will be printed. The catalog will be available for purchase. This is a not-for-profit organization and the catalog is intended as a place to display all the artwork that qualifies by the rules of the competition, as a record of The Tribute to Nick Bantock.

Depending on the turnout, we might hold an exhibit at a local gallery or university.

If you have questions, contact me.

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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