Entries 65 to 87, Allen Park School, MI

The following entries are from grade 12 artists in Allen Park, MI, USA.

Their entries was organized by their teacher, Jelane Richardson. What a great idea!

Entries were posted in the order they were scanned.

*Spelling for title of entries has been maintained as found.

65. K. Triplett 65K. Tripplett “Help me understand”

66 K. McMillan 66 K. McMillan “Rat Fink”

67 A. Garza 67 A. Garza “Demon Slug Monster”

68 C. Smith 68 C. Smith  “ The Dreaming Juice”

69 E. Galloway 69 E. Galloway “Situation: Hopeless”

scan0078 70 J. Long “Ghost”

71 A. McLenaghan 71 A. McLenaghan “Nightmare in Wonderland”

71  R Fairris 72 R. Fairris “King Neptune”

73 S Piazza 73 S. Piazza “Mythical Dream”

74 M Johns 74 M. Johns “Blue splatter”

75 S Sych 75 S. Sych “Pelvic Dream”

76 B Helms 76 B Helms “Never give up”

76 A. Zacny 77 A. Zacny “Welcome to Idaho”

78 M. Gumro 78 M. Gumro “Discover the world”

79 J. Pudelek 79 J Pudelek “Young Secert Pilgrim”

80 J. Pettit 80 J. Pettit “Universial”

81 A Ortkras 81 A Ortikras “Goldy Locks”

scan0066 82 R Bellomo “Life as we know it”

83 R Davenport 83 R Davenport “Gone to France”

84 B Pryba 84 B Pryba “Lucky Voyage”

85 A Garcia 85 A Garcia “Burr”

86 H St Louis 86 H St Louis “Journey Unknown”

87 D Justice 87 D Justice “Tornado”

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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2 Responses to Entries 65 to 87, Allen Park School, MI

  1. These are outstanding. Kudos to Jelane for organizing, what a great teacher!

  2. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw all these incredible art postcards from the students. Their magical scenes captivated my imagination. I have come back to this site a number of times just to see this group of postcards. Jelane, you are an amazing teacher! Wish I had someone like you when I was in school. Michelle

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