Entry 54

M. Casey, Ottawa, Ont, Canada

54 M. Casey

This entry contains a lovely “bantockish’ story at the back, so I reprint it here:

My dearest reader.

I remember the sun beating down on my small head and the hot gritty sand between my toes as I searched for the perfect spot to bury my secret treasure: a priceless pearl ring given to my grandma by Princess Rani. I wonder, 40 years later, if it’s still there buried somewhere off the coast of the Arabian Sea.” M.C.

And a lovely design for the envelope:

54 envelope

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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2 Responses to Entry 54

  1. I’ve looked at all the entries posted so far, and this is by far my favorite. 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    Wow I love this one and the story that goes with it is so intriguing. Great job.

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