Entries 100, 101

Red Dog Scott, Covina, CA, USA

100 Red dog Scott

100 “Aphrodisia”

The text at the back reads:

“The sanctity of companionship is well understood by Capolanians. Thus, when a man seeks to seduce the companion of another man, punishment can be severe. Even more so using the feared “punishment post” if it is discovered that in his efforts to woe the committed one, he has used the magical oil from the frog’s skin”


 101 red dog Scott 101 “On seeking the likeness of one’s intended”

The text at the back reads:

“Shortly after the birth of a child, Capolanian parents meet with the “maker of matches”. There, they describe the inner attributes they seek for the one they intend for their daughter or son. Capolanians believe that the qualities from within give definition to the features found without. The maker then ‘captures’ that likeness on a tablet talisman which is given to the parents. Eventually the child will carry it with them for the ‘search’. Though it can take a number of years for the Capolanian youth to find their intended, when they do, the talisman is offered as a promise. If accepted, the first ritual of courtship has been initiated. Interestingly, ‘refusal of promise’ seldom occur among Capolanians.”

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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1 Response to Entries 100, 101

  1. Dave Dubé says:

    I don’t see the number in ‘Aphrodisia’. I have difficulty seeing reds and greens, so perhaps it’s my eyes.

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