Entries 103, 104

G. Starnes, San Antonio, TX, USA

103 G Starnes



104 G,. Starnes104

In the envelope is a note to Nick:

“Dearest Nick, When your work finally reached me, my heart sang for months. There is no way to thank you for the doors you’ve opened in my mind. The beauty of your work plus the intrigue of your stories took me to many places ~

You encouraged me to begin my own journey to find a lost part of my family. To know my long gone grandmother. I created  her persona through art by placing her in Capolan. What a joy it is to imagine her dancing around the campfire!

Thank you, Nick, for everything you have given to us all”


There was also a travelling wagon.

scan0005 scan0006

About Socrates

I live on beautiful Vancouver Island where I spend my time painting, making altered books, meditating and living tenderly.
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1 Response to Entries 103, 104

  1. Beautifully layered work. The wagon is amazing.

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