Q: Can I send my submission electronically?

A: No. This is MAIL ART, so it has to come through the mail. All the entries will be professionally photographed for admission in the book.

Q. What do you call ‘original art’?

The submitted artwork is a painting, a collage, a montage. It is NOT a painted photocopy, a digital download, a scan of your artwork. The jury will not accept any of those entries for consideration.

Q: Can I buy the catalog?

A:  The catalog will be available for download after all the entries are received.

Q: How big will the images be on each page?

A: We are planning on 4 images per page.

Q: What happens to the final artwork?

A: Some will be kept preciously as part of my personal collection. If there are really a large amount, we will hold an exhibit at a gallery or university. They will then be auctioned out and the proceeds will go to a charity on Vancouver Island.

Q: How will my number be assigned?

A: You receive a number as your artwork is received. This is the number you will be displayed in the catalog. It is best to mail your artwork early so it appears in the early pages of the catalog.

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